Registered readers of the book can download the following items and software tools:

  • Softkopien in Excel® of all Application Examples and Case Studies
  • AddIn_BWesc_ANesc_InCon.xlam developed by the author.

AddAdd In_BWesc_ANesc_InCon

The AddIn contains following functions:

  • BWSesc Calculates the present value (PV) of a series of payments escalating with a constant escalation rate.
    Syntax: BWSesc (escalation rate %; Discount rate %, Number of periods, starting value without escalation)
  • ANesc Converts a series of payments escalating with a constant escalation rate in constant annual equivalent amounts (annuities). The function calculates first the NPV of the series and uses the PMT function to convert the NPV into annuities.
    Syntax: ANesc (escalation rate %; Discount rate %; Number of periods, starting value without escalation)
  • IntCon Calculates the interest during construction assuming disbursement of loan in constant instalments over the construction time. The Add-In is developed based on the FV function of Excel.
    Syntax: IntCon (Capex; loan % of CAPEX; years of construction, interest of loans, periods per year)

Installation of the Excel Add-Ins

  1. Save the Excel Add-In file “AddIn_BWSesc_ANesc_IntCon.xlam” in the directory of your choice, preferably in the same directory with the examples.
  2. After saving click on the file within Excel and choose Options in the drop-down menu.
  3. Then click on the button Add-Ins.
  4. A new drop-down menu appears. On the bottom of the page the file name of the stored Add-In is shown along with location where it has been saved.
  5. In the manage button underneath, select Excel Add-Ins and then Go .
  6. In the drop-down menu click on the button Browse and select the Add-in file in the location where it is saved and click OK.
  7. Following these steps, your custom functions will be available each time you run Excel.

Software-Tool FluidEXL

Software tool FluidEXLgraphics for calculations of water/steam properties in Excel.
The developer, University for Applied Sciences – Zittau/Goerlitz/Germany, Department of Thermodynamics, Prof. Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar and his colleagues, make available the software tool exclusively for readers of this book, free of charge. The tool is used for calculations in several application Examples and Case Studies.

Interested users can apply for a free licence of the tool in a separate Email stating first and family name and institution (for students university).

Please click here to download FluidEXL 32-bit or FluidEXL 64-bit.

Note: Use of the software for purposes other than for the book or commercial use requires a special license from the developer.

Installation manual and brief usage manual

FluidEXLgraphics is a professional, powerful tool for calculating thermodynamic properties of water and steam. The installation procedure is the same as that of the AddIns. After download and installation the tool can be activated with the insert function fx of Excel under the category “Water IAPWS-IF97”,where all functions are shown in a list.

FluidEXL is used in this book for calculation of water/steam properties in several examples and for simplified thermodynamic cycle simulations in MS-Excel(R).

The calculations are directly conducted in the selected cells.

Important Note: For calculation of water/steam properties maximum two argument entries are required. If three arguments are shown, as in the menu above, one of them must be set as “-1” (minus 1).

For user’s Guidance and installation please refer to the developers Website (University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Kretschmar):

Software-Tool KPRO®

Software tool KPRO® for modelling and performance simulation of power generation thermodynamic cycles and power & steam supply systems. The German Consulting Company Fichtner, Stuttgart, announced that they will make available the software tool for registered readers of the book for a period of six months, upon direct request. Note, however, that this is a highly professional tool and requires a strong background on thermodynamics of cycle calculations and in information technology.
Note: Commercial use requires a special license from Fichtner.

Fichtner IT Consulting AG has to grant a license for each user of KPRO(R), which is linked to the MAC-address of the target computer. For readers of the book only and solely non-commercial use, the license is free of charge and is made available for six months.

For granting the license, Fichtner IT needs the contact data of the user (First and family name, Institution/company (or private), E-mail address) and the MAC-address of the target computer for installation. For determining the MAC-address, Fichtner IT provides a small software tool – make-kpro-licence-info.bat – that must be executed on the target computer.

To request a KPRO license please provide the following details:

  1. First and family name,
  2. Name of company or institution,
  3. E-Mail address, and
  4. MAC address of the computer the software shall be installed.

To get your MAC address, do the following:

  • Press the keystroke combination [Windows-key + R].
  • Type cmd and press the [Return]-Taste.
  • Type ipconfig /all 1>kpro_licence_info.txt
  • Send us the kpro_licence_info.txt.

Fichtner IT has also available mail instruction for download in English or German, including all the required information.

Interested users can request a licence in the Website of the author of this book by Email, the request will be proceeded to Fichtner IT for further action.

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    • Markus Groissboeck says:

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      to access the Excel downloads follow the menu “Books presentation” after your registration. At the bottom of the details from the book “The power supply industry” you will find the link to the Excel files.

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