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Panos KonstantinPanos Konstantin Panos Konstantin was born in Greece; after finishing school he came to Germany in 1960 and was working in several jobs for a few years. From 1965 to 1970 he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart and graduated with Dipl. Ing. (Diplom Ingenieur, equivalent to Master).

He started his professional career as research associate at the Institute for chemical engineering at the same University.

From 1980 until his retirement in 2007, he was employed as Project Consultant at Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG, one of the leading Consulting Companies in the Power and Energy Sector in Germany. The main business fields of the Company are power plants, sea water desalination plants, energy transmission and distribution systems, power system economics and management.

Panos Konstantin has been involved as expert and project manager in a large number of projects on energy efficiency, energy auditing, techno-economic feasibility studies for utility and industrial energy systems, demand side management (DSM), least cost planning (LCP), and tariff formulation. He has conducted several training courses on subjects related to the mentioned projects. Some of these projects were funded by international banks and donor institutions as World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Commission and United Nations Development Program (UNDP). He has been working in different countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arabian Emirates, Australia, South Africa and of course in numerous European countries.

Before his retirement in April 2007, he was head of the Department for Energy Technology & Economics’ at Fichtner for several years. He continued working for Fichtner as freelance Consultant until 2015.

Panos Konstantin has the ambition to transfer his know-how and experience acquired in many years of practice in the power and energy sector to students, new graduate engineers and economists as well as active consultants and has started writing practical books, based on his longtime experience in the above fields.

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