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The overall objective of this website is to present the books of the authors Panos Konstantin and Margarete Konstantin and to provide guidance and support for the readers to understand the complex contents, and especially to trace the calculations of the numerous Application examples, Case studies and Tools within the books. It is noted that most of the examples are calculated in MS-Excel and are copied into the books as a picture. In the Website, the examples, case studies and tools are available as soft copy so all the calculations are traceable.

The contents of this website and of the books is intellectual property of the author. Please quote the website and the referred book whenever you make use of the content.

Please note that this website is a voluntary and free of charge service offered by the author Panos Konstantin and Margarete Konstantin and his colleagues for the readers of his books. Comments and recommendations for improvements from the readers are highly appreciated and will be thankfully considered in forthcoming editions.

This website is maintained by Margarete Konstantin and Markus Groissböck.

Registration: The use of the website is possible without registration as a user. Registration is only required for downloads of soft-copies on the website. In return, we hope to get from the users comments, proposals for improvements, suggestions for changes and amendments and also information regarding errors in the books and in the website.

We assure you that your registration data will be treated strictly confidential and in no case will be passed to third parties.

Remark: There are currently irregular technical problems with the registration.
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